Unpacking Real Stories by Chesta Jain

Disclaimer: This is my vision for 2027

Chesta Jain, who was once an ordinary mother turned to be an inspiration for many mothers.
She is a Delhi-ite, now a Gurgaon-ite (India) for more than two decades and a half. She worked in corporate as a Brand Manager with some well-named companies. But at the peak of her career, she left and turned into a full-time mom. From laptop to nappies, from formal blazers to soiled pajamas; life turned, yet she enjoyed every part of it.

But while she was enjoying this new flavor cake, life decided to top it up with a cherry. And she was a mom to a special-needs sweet little girl. “Lucky we are, we will no more be living an ordinary life”, she said in her interview. And this leads to unfolding the box of inspiring stories from her that you have read in her book ‘Unpacking Real Stories’ which is inspired by her successful blog — www.backpackersmom.com.

Her book inspires millions of women in the world. And she has created a revolution through her novel ideas around ‘breaking the mindset’.
She has done hundreds of talks and is listed as one of the top three inspirational women of the country. Not just the women, but even children tend to love her. She keeps doing various workshops to engage children and playfully motivates them. She is one of the first women who has set her footprints in inspiring the children.

She is writing her book for children which will be a high-gloss illustration, aim to become a must-have book for every child. In this busy schedule where parents hardly get to interact with their children, this book and video lessons will keep children comforted and motivated.